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Service Packages

Car repairs

Comprehensive service package

Our many satisfied customers really appreciate the special service that we provide here at Earby Autos Ltd. Our comprehensive service package means that you can come to us with any problems with your car and be confident of receiving an excellent service every time.

Along with the standard vehicle repairs/maintenance we are able to offer the following additional services:

Vehicle serving is very important.

  1. It helps reduce the chances of an MOT failure and a breakdown. Parts of a service involves stripping down the vehicle’s braking pads / shoes. Freeing off and lubricating all moving parts including the brake pads and or shoes. Checking for leaks on the system and measuring the brake pads for wear, the fluid boiling point and for contamination. All which can cause an MOT fail.
  2. Help meet the Road Traffic Act 1986 and the Vehicle Test Regulation Act 1981 compliance.
  3. A service will help maintain the vehicle’s residual value.
  4. Minimise a vehicle breakdown.
  5. All servicing is undertaken to manufacturers service scheduling and a print out of the work undertaken is given to the customer for their records, maintaining any manufacturers warranty.
  6. All work is undertaken by Qualified technicians and are manufacturer trained. The work comes with a 12 month warranty on all parts and labour.
  7. When it is time to sell or part exchange your car, we can print out all your servicing and repair history. This helps maintain your cars history and value.
  8. Manufacturer based servicing saves you money. As the service is based on the work and times recomended by your vehicle manufacturer. And not made up to suit the garage.

Most vehicles have two types of services. Minor and Major servicing.

Please note some makes and models require eco oils which may cost more. 

Labour Rate

Our labour rate is just £45 an hour. Less than half that of the main dealers. Yet our technicians are manufacturer trained. Using main dealer level equipment and tools. We undertake price comparison checks weekly to ensure we remain competitive.

Fleet Owners

Servicing plans for fleet owners. Please phone for more details of how we can save you money and offer a package that helps keep your vehicles on the road and compliant. We have many local parcel and warehouse delivery companies who already trust us to maintain their fleet.


Computer-aided engine diagnostics at manufacturer level, undertaken by main dealer / factory trained technicians.

Diagnostic Scan - £45 plus VAT

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