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We are able to supply a wide range of makes and sizes of tyres, from budget to premium brands. Give us a call for a price. Our prices are very competitive. We regular undertake price checks locally and from a wider area to ensure we remain competitive. All our tyres are sourced from trusted industry suppliers. We don't part worn tyre. New tyres fitted from £48 plus VAT.    


We also offer a winter tyre service. Buy your tyres from us, we will fit them at a discounted rate, store your every day tyres for free in tyre storage area. Then when the bad weather is over, we will swap your winter tyres to your every day tyres at a discounted rate and then store your winter tyres for free. 


Please do not hesitate to call us with your tyre size on 01282 843986 for a quotation.

Don't know your tyre size?  Follow our simple guidelines for reading the information on the sidewall of you tyre.  Or alternatively, please feel free to pop in to the garage where one of our technicians will make a note of the size and provide you with a quotation.

Tyre Size Guide

A tyre's size is found by looking at the sequence of letters and numbers written on the tyre sidewall. For the below description we will use the example 185/55 R 15 81H

Width - The first 3 digit number (185 in example below) is your tyre width measured in millimetres.

Aspect Ratio/Profile - The next two digit number (55 in the example below) is the tyre's aspect ratio. This measurement is taken from the wheel to the outer circumference of the tyre. This number is a percentage of your tyres width. So in this example the aspect ratio is 55% of the tyres width which is 185mm.

Rim Diameter - The next two digit number is the diameter of the wheel rim measured in inches. The example below has a tyre that is 15 inches.

Tyre speed rating and load index - The tyre's load index and speed rating can be found by looking at the two digit number and letter at the end of the sequence displayed on your tyre.


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